Hizennya's Concept

Kashima City, Saga Prefecture. Hizen-Hamashuku Brewery of Encounters and Emotions

  • Provide products made with safe and delicious Saga rice.
  • Present the appeal of the history and people of Hizen-Hamashuku, a town steeped in fermentation (brewing) culture.
  • Provide enjoyable learning experiences that only a sixth-order industry sake brewery can provide.

a brewery of encounters and emotions
Please enjoy the Tourism Sake Brewery Hizennya.

Tourism Sake Brewery Hizennya

Tourism Sake Brewery Hizennya

At Hizenya, you can sell and taste sake. You can also listen to stories about the history of Hizenhama Inn and the brewer, and enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere of the past in the "Showa Room" in the museum. In the "Showa Room" of the museum, you can enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere of the old days. In the Minematsu Brewery at the back of the museum, they actually make sake.

Business hours 9:30〜17:00 Regular holidays: Please refer to calendar
Location 2761-2 Hamamachi, Kashima City, Saga Prefecture.
Tourism Sake Brewery Hizennya Mitsutake-Shuzojo
Contact information TEL:0954-63-2468  FAX:0954-63-2489