Special feature Hizen-Hamashuku


Brew good sake through harmony among people.
Good sake brews harmony.

Drunk to the heart, enjoy happy times.

1. Sake Brewery Street: Hizen-Hamashuku

Delicious water from Mt. Taradake, famous as one of the best 100 natural water sources in Japan.
Sweet-tasting rice grown in a warm climate.
This blessed environment has long sustained rice-brewing in Hizen-Hamashuku.
Enjoying prosperity from the Edo Period (1603–1868),
at the peak of sake brewing in the area this street was lined with some 13 sake breweries,
hence its name—Sake Brewery Street.

2. Experience the heart of the brewery with the brewers -
a brewery of encounters and emotions.

Beyond sake brewing is a happiness that intoxicates the heart.
It is our wish to present sake wine brewed with hopes for people’s happiness together with the brewery’s heart.
Hizennya was created from this desire.
It is our wish that encounters with sake wine and with Hizennya will evoke people’s emotions,
and it is with this wish in our hearts that we await your visit today.

3. Nostalgic, yet new.

As a sake brewery on historical Sake Brewery Street, we carefully carry on traditions.
Our challenge continues to ensure that we remain a brewery that is beloved tomorrow, the day after, and all the days following.
Hizennya incorporates both traditions from the past and visions for the future.
Listening carefully to the voices of people we meet day to day, we intend to continue growing in the future.

4. Yokinshatta

When greeting visitors, as we say, “Welcome!” in our hearts, we are also joyfully saying “Yokinshatta” (“Thank you for coming all this way”).
We are deeply grateful for the effort visitors make, going out of their way to visit us.
Some of us are poor talkers and can seem awkward,
but we are sincerely waiting to welcome you with not only sake direct from our brewery,
but also a wide selection of delicious Saga specialty products.