About the sake brewery tours

About the sake brewery tours

Time required for sake brewery tour: 30-40 minutes / No fee required
We do not observe the actual sake brewing process
It will be an explanation on the photo panel and a guide to the facilities in the warehouse.
Our employees will take turns guiding you through the brewery.
The tour is free!!
At the end of the tour, we offer tastings starting with several kinds of Mitsutake Sake Brewery’s
“Makai-heno-Izakai” shochu and “Maikokochi” barley shochu. Those samples will be followed
“Kiku-Ousho, Hizen-Hamashuku” sake,
plum wine, liqueur and nonalcoholic amazake (sweet drink made from fermented rice).
Please enjoy these tastings.

How to register

Use the form below or call us at least five days before your tour to reserve a spot.
* For those who want to reserve a spot by phone, please tell our operator that you saw the information on the Hizenya website, which helps your reservation procedure easily and smoothly.
The sake brewery will prepare for your visit and contact you directly to crm the reservation. Please take note that we cannot offer tours to groups around the Flower and Sake Festival (held each year on the last Saturday and Sunday of March), including the days leading up to the festival when we are busy preparing.
Please let us know ahead of time your preferred tour date and the number in your party.

Operating hours for the Sake Brewery Tours: 9:30-17:00
Holidays: the year-end, New Year’s holidays, August Obon holidays, and occasional days when the brewery is closed for in-house training.
Location: Sake Brewery Tourism Hizenya, 2761-2 Hama-machi, Kashima City, Saga Prefecture, Japan
Click here for map, transportation instructions

An important request

To people interested in signing up for a tour,
The sake brewery is our place of work and an important place in our lives. Before you enter this precious sake brewery, we have an important request.

  • If you are planning to sample the sake, please don’t drive.
  • Please refrain from taking the tour if you are on your way to getting drunk.
  • Please strictly observe the scheduled times, so that you don’t hinder tour preparation or work at the brewery.
  • Please don’t eat, drink or smoke in the sake brewery.
  • Please try not to drop any accessories, cellphones etc.
  • Please refrain from eating natto (fermented soybeans) on the day of your sake brewery tour. The fermented natto bacteria in natto is very strong and could suppress the bacteria that makes the rice koji or the yeast that ferments the yeast mash.
    If natto bacteria is on the body or the clothing of someone on the tour as they walk by the vat for making sake, it could spoil the sake.
    That’s why we ask that you don’t eat natto on the day of your visit.

Information on brewery holidays

Since the above day is a brewery holiday, we are sorry but we cannot accept brewery tours.

Thank you for your patience.

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*Please note that registration sent during the year-end, the New Year holidays, or the August Obon holidays will be accepted after the holidays.

Personal information protection policy

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We promise that we take great care to protect the privacy of our customers and the personal information they offer on the Sake Brewery Tourism Hizenya website.